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About Joe Cunnane & His Staff

Joe Cunnane, Attorney At Law

Joe Cunnane Personal Injury Attorney-jpgAttorney Joe Cunnane has a wide range of knowledge and practical legal experience in Personal Injury, Business, and Environmental law fields. Over the last 15 years, Joe has been focusing on personal injury cases and specifically car crashes. The Cunnane Law Office is receiving large settlements and verdicts for victims of car crashes and personal injury.

Prior to entering private practice, Joe worked as a bill-drafting attorney for the Washington Legislature. By working with the Legislators to write the laws of the State of Washington, Joe has an intimate knowledge of their meanings and intended purposes. Joe understands the complexity of the law and how to effectively use it to your advantage.

In 2004, Joe was selected to be a Washington Super Lawyer and was named a Rising Star in Washington Law and Politics. Joe remains a Shining Star and earned the award in 2004, 2006, 2007, and 2008. A further testament to Joe’s acumen is his rating on AVVO , which provides an unbiased rating of attorneys that considers results, actions and client reviews. Joe Cunnane earned AVVO highest attorney rating, “Superb” with a perfect score of 10 of 10 .

Joe is active with the Washington State Association for Justice, serving on their board of directors from 2003 -2005. Feeling very strongly that people deserve excellent representation, Joe has also taught other attorneys how to successfully bring auto claims for their clients. Raising the bar and representing clients with commitment and compassion is a way of life for Joe.

Joe began his legal career in Chicago. After graduating from the University of Illinois, Joe was a paralegal at a high-powered personal injury firm in Chicago. But the great outdoors beckoned, and Joe moved to Seattle where he graduated from the Seattle University Law School.

Joe’s passion for helping others was fueled by an event in his own family. In 1999, Joe’s 62 year old dad died of asbestosis, a lung cancer caused by asbestos exposure. “Because of the careless activities of a few large corporations, my children will never be able to meet their grandfather.” Having a wife and two beautiful, young daughters, has heightened Joe’s compassion and dedication to helping people. No one is immune to negligence. But since we can’t turn back time, it is good to know that we can turn to Joe in our times of need.

Joe has more than 15 years experience in helping people who have been injured due to someone’s negligence. He’s won many cases and achieved great results. Although Joe’s first specialty is personal injury cases, he also represents people in other civil litigation cases. In a recent appellate court case, Joe argued and won a hotly contested real estate land use case. Joe works very hard to receive quality results for his clients.

Leseigh Rosen, Paralegal

The Cunnane Law Office paralegal is Lesleigh Rosen. Lesleigh has worked for the office for 10 years bringing enthusiasm and New York toughness to fighting the good fight for justice. Lesleigh and Joe make sure they promptly respond to your questions.

Our motto: Vini, vidi, vici = we fight, we work, we win!

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