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In Washington, the driver at fault pays for the damages. Here’s what that might mean for you after a car accident.
How will your insurance handle the situation if you’ve recently been in a car accident in Washington state? Washington is known as an “at-fault” state. That means, in the state of Washington, the person at fault for an accident must cover the costs of the harm that was done. Ideally, each driver should have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage to cover their own medical costs and wage loss up to the policy limit. Now, let’s discuss exactly what that means for you, your insurance policy, and your wallet after a car accident. What Exactly Is “PIP” Insurance? PIP coverage is designed...[ Read More ]
Most car accident cases don’t make it to court. But the settlement process can be complex. You need an experienced attorney to help.
Most cases involving auto accidents are resolved outside of court. This is beneficial to accident victims because it means they will receive the compensation they require without having to wait for a trial. However, the procedure can be challenging, and errors could cost you a sizable portion of the money you require to rebuild your life. Even if you do not want to go to court, Cunnane Law can assist you in settling your case fairly and quickly. Firstly, Contact the Insurance Company Notifying the insurance company of your claim is the first step in the settlement process. This alerts...[ Read More ]
Stay safe, and know that if things go wrong and you need legal help, Cunnane Law will be there for you.
Happy New Year – Welcome 2023 Do you currently have any New Year’s resolutions? Many people have had a really difficult year in 2022, so for lots of us this time around, making resolutions feels a little different. The Big Three, reducing weight, saving money, and exercising more, as well as less stress and more travel, are the most popular New Year’s resolutions that people make when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. So here are some goals for 2023. Taking control of the things within your control is one strategy for dealing with it. If you believe that...[ Read More ]
This time of year can be challenging, but we wish you the very best this holiday season.
The holidays can be hard sometimes. It is common, given our type of work, for the people we assist on a daily basis to find the holidays to be a trying time. This is especially true if you are ill, confined to a bed, or preoccupied with medical care and physical therapy. We realize that not working can be stressful, leaving you to wonder what you will do. It can be tough to imagine even “having” Christmas this year if you are out of work and your employer or insurance provider are making things even more difficult. We understand that, which is...[ Read More ]
Have fun this holiday season, and stay safe and healthy!
Following Halloween, the Christmas season officially starts on November 1st. People start decorating for the holidays from Thanksgiving through to Christmas and New Year's. To celebrate this joyous season, Christmas trees are set up, wreaths are hung, yard decorations are placed, lights are strewn over the house and landscape, and menorahs are lit. Exercising caution can help prevent common injuries, but decorating has hidden risks that should be considered. Rushing to Get Things Done Takes a Toll Almost everyone finds the holiday season the busiest time of year. People are rushing to complete work assignments before the end of the year...[ Read More ]
Having an accident on Thanksgiving can make it a very unhappy holiday.
Thanksgiving Day has been a celebrated family holiday across the nation ever since it was declared a public holiday in 1817. Thanksgiving is a day for getting together with family and friends. It is a time when we are all encouraged to give thanks for what we have and count our blessings. Sadly, Thanksgiving Day tops New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July, and St. Patrick’s Day as the deadliest day of the year. According to research, Thanksgiving Day is the holiday with the highest number of fatalities from motor vehicle accidents. Slip and Fall Accidents on Thanksgiving Day The hustle...[ Read More ]
The car accident police report is one of the most important components of any potential legal claim.
You could be entitled to bring a car accident claim against the other motorist to seek damages if you were hurt in a car accident that was their fault. You may need to know how to obtain a police record from an automobile accident as part of this procedure. You must be able to establish liability to make an automobile accident claim. This implies, among other things: Interviewing witnesses is necessary before they forget what happened Photographs must be taken before injuries heal and damage is fixed Evidence must be gathered before it is gone To put it another way,...[ Read More ]
Truck accidents are more common that many realize, and they are often the source of devastating injuries.
Almost every day, trucking collisions occur in Seattle and the surrounding areas. These collisions can have devastating consequences, as we have observed over the years at Cunnane Law. The occupants of passenger cars generally sustain the most severe injuries in collisions because tractor-trailers are larger and heavier than normal passenger cars. The following are a few of the more typical injuries caused by truck accidents. Injuries to the Back and Neck The victims of trucking accidents frequently sustain strained muscles, tendon damage, and ligament injuries. Vertebrae, which are bony structures, protect the spine. Discs, the cushions of rigid cartilage filled...[ Read More ]
Good Samaritan laws make it more likely people in danger will get the help they need.
Most people’s instincts encourage them to assist a person in danger when they are hurt or unconscious. However, many people are reluctant because they do not want to be held responsible for more injuries or fatalities in the event that they worsen the situation. These circumstances give rise to the Good Samaritan law, which has the ability to save another life. It is in your best interest to speak with an experienced Cunnane Law attorney if you or a loved one has been hurt in an accident so that we can work together to determine the best course of action...[ Read More ]
Yellow light accidents are common, but determining fault can be tricky.
You are still at risk of being involved in a major accident, even if you are a cautious and safe driver. There are numerous ways that car accidents can occur, with yellow light accidents being one of the more common types of collision. This makes us ask, “In Washington, who is to blame for a yellow light collision?” Here is a summary by our Edmonds car accident attorneys, of the most critical facts that drivers in Washington should know regarding yellow light collisions. Understanding Yellow Light Accident Fault A yellow light is officially a warning light, warning motorists to slow...[ Read More ]
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