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With spring upon us the days are getting longer and the weather is getting nicer. It’s time to catch up on all those projects around the house that you put off in the winter. That means trips to the hardware store and in your downtime getting out and about to enjoy the sunshine. However you’re not alone out there. Better weather means more traffic, road construction, and increased chances of automobile accidents. You usual commute may take longer than expected as a result. Spring also tends to be the time for new driver to practice their skills. Changing your driving...[ Read More ]
It is not uncommon now for most of us to have a camera on our phone. While this has been to the bane of many celebrities and makes some social occasions more awkward, this technology can be vital if you are ever in an accident. Use your camera to document everything if you are ever injured in an automobile accident. Take pictures of your injuries, your vehicle, and even the surrounding environment. Note where the vehicles were positioned after the accident has occurred. If the other drive appears intoxicated, take a video of your interaction with them. Documenting the evidence...[ Read More ]
With the somewhat sluggish economy, some of us may have put off some much needed household repairs. While this may seem not to be a big deal, if someone is injured on your property you may be held liable if they are injured while on your property. Household hazards need not be something major like a hole in the roof or floor to pose a danger.  A loose floorboard or an oil slick on the driveway may be enough to cause a slip that results in an injury and a claim against you. As a property owner it is your...[ Read More ]
While none of us like to think of a future where we are not around to take care of our families it is an eventuality that we must all face someday. Here at Cunnane Law we strive to make the process as easy as possible to make sure your whishes are honored. We make the process simple and convenient by sending out a questionnaire for you to fill out at your convenience which we will then use to draft out your Will and Estate documents for your approval.  After you have approved these documents we will set up a time...[ Read More ]
After being injured in an auto accident is no time to start learning how to navigate the insurance world on your own. You may already be burdened with medical expenses and car repairs while being unable to work due to your injury. This is where a navigator or personal injury lawyer comes into play. They can help you file the proper paperwork and insure that everything is done by the book allowing you to focus on what you need to do to get better. The insurance company is a business. They make their profits by paying out the least amount...[ Read More ]
In the moments after an accident has occurred you may be disoriented or in a heightened emotional state. This is not the time to be making any type of formal statement to an insurance adjuster about the incident. In my book What every Injured Victim in Washington State Must know to avoid getting Ripped Off!, I discuss this as one of the common blunders that can destroy your accident settlement. You can find my book at The insurance adjuster will want to get you to make your statement as soon as possible, not to help you but to increase the...[ Read More ]
The coming of a new year brings a welcome discounts on used cars. Before you sign the paperwork there are a few things you should check out to ensure you start 2015 with a gem instead of a lemon.   History of the vehicle. There are multiple online resources where you can get a detailed report of the history of the vehicle.  Be sure to note any collisions and to forward this information to a mechanic you trust to ensure that the repairs were done properly.  This information also gives you some ground to stand on when negotiating the price...[ Read More ]
With a collective sigh of relief the holiday season has passed and with it hopefully came some fond memories spent with family.  Before you post your precious moment onto social media, consider who may be viewing those photos. When around family we often find ourselves doing more than we might normally do under normal circumstances. It would be perfectly human to want to carry your child or play a game with them even while injured to preserve their holiday spirit. If you have an active claim and you post a picture of you playing with your children or grand children...[ Read More ]
Accidents can happen anywhere. They might be the result of nature, distractions or neglect. You can minimize injuries in your home by creating a safe environment. Keep Medication and Chemicals out of Reach - If you have chemicals or medications in your home, clearly mark the containers and store them in a safe place out of reach by children and animals. Maintain Property – Decks with broken floor boards or overgrown trees near power lines can be the perfect recipe for an accident. Keeping up with maintenance can help prevent accidents. Pools and Hot Tubs – Keep pools and hot...[ Read More ]
After a car accident, driving can become stressful. Merging onto the freeway may raise your heart rate, change your breathing and put you into a cold sweat. PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may develop after experiencing a traumatic event such as a car accident that threatens your safety or makes you feel helpless. So how do you deal with Post Traumatic Stress after an accident? For most people symptoms are only temporary lasting days, weeks or months and decrease as time goes on. Symptoms may be triggered by something that reminds you of the original traumatic events. There are...[ Read More ]
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