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Long-term disability claims require patience, persistence, and legal knowledge. We can help.
When filing a long-term disability claim with your insurance, you’re probably wondering how soon you’ll begin to receive your benefits. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut answer as several factors must be considered. Generally the initial decision about your claim can take between 45 to 105 days. Here are some factors that can influence how long it will take and what you can do to speed up the claim approval process. Policy Elimination Period Firstly, the majority of disability insurance policies have an elimination period. This is the period from when you first became ill or injured until you start to...[ Read More ]
Choosing a long-term disability lawyer can be confusing. It’s an important decision, and you don’t want to get it wrong.
If your insurance company has denied your long-term disability claim, you should immediately hire a long-term disability lawyer. With their powerful legal team and endless resources, your insurance company will try and intimidate you into dropping your claim. This is a battle you should not even attempt to handle on your own. It is important that you choose the right disability lawyer for your case because it could impact the course of your future. Because it is such a vital decision you might find it somewhat overwhelming, especially when you already have so much to deal with. Here are some...[ Read More ]
A car crash is bad enough – don’t make it worse with mistakes afterwards.
Being involved in a car crash in Washington State is an unexpected stressful experience. However, many drivers make several key mistakes after being involved in a car accident. You should really avoid these top mistakes. 1. Admitting Fault Whether you caused the accident or not, never say anything that could be taken as admitting fault. In other words, if you were not at fault or if you’re uncertain who was at fault, don’t apologize to the other driver. When speaking to insurance providers you need to be very careful with what you say. You may invalidate any claims made later...[ Read More ]
Drunk driving remains a serious problem in Edmonds and throughout Washington State.
Whenever you get behind the wheel of a vehicle in Edmonds you have plenty to worry about, particularly distracted drivers, drowsy drivers, and drunk drivers. We all know that these dangers have been around ever since the invention of the motor vehicle, but drunk driving in particular has become a serious problem in America. Too Many Drunk Driving Crashes The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states that every day in America approximately 28 people are killed in a drunk driver accident, which equates to one death every 52 minutes. Undeniably shocking statistics, but there is some evidence in the NHTSA...[ Read More ]
The wrongful death claims process can be difficult. That’s why you need an experienced lawyer on your side.
One of the most difficult things a person can endure is the loss of a loved one. When it happens suddenly and is someone else’s fault, that loss is especially difficult to accept. Nothing can ever take the place of your loved one but winning a wrongful death claim can provide a sense of justice being served and also ease the financial struggles the family are going through. For wrongful death claims, the cause of the accident and how the accident brought about the family member’s death generally require extensive investigation. This is why the family members should contact an...[ Read More ]
Not sure what a wrongful death lawsuit is? Here’s a brief introduction.
When someone you love has been killed in a car crash due to another person’s negligence, the responsible person should be held accountable. In Washington a wrongful death lawsuit gives certain family members a cause of action to seek compensation for their loss and hold the person who caused the accident accountable. Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 4.20.010. Accident Types that Result in Wrongful Death Lawsuits In Washington any accident that causes a fatal injury can lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Accidents such as: Car, truck and motorcycle accidents Pedestrian accidents Bike accidents Drowning Electrical shock Workplace accidents Who...[ Read More ]
You may have heard of the term ‘pain and suffering’, but what does it actually mean in Washington?
If you have been a casualty of a personal injury accident, including a car accident, and the accident was the fault of someone else, you may be due compensation for any injuries you received. Besides compensation for your physical injuries, you may also be entitled to compensation for non-economic injuries, otherwise known as “pain and suffering,” caused by the accident. Although we have all heard the term “pain and suffering,” many people may not actually understand what injuries the pain and suffering calculation includes or even how they are calculated. Washington State’s Legal Definition of Pain and Suffering The State...[ Read More ]
Like any state, Washington has specific personal injury laws you should be aware of.
Whether you are pursuing an injury claim through a personal injury lawsuit in court or with an insurance company, you may be wondering about the process and whether the Washington state laws will affect your claim. Let’s have a look at some key personal injury laws in Washington state. Statute of Limitations for Injury Lawsuits The Statute of Limitations, which is applicable in each state, requires that you file your lawsuit in the state’s civil court system within a certain time limit.  You may be barred permanently from receiving any compensation for your injuries if you do not file your...[ Read More ]
An good car crash lawyer can help you after an car crash – even a minor one.
Is a lawyer necessary? This is a question many people ask themselves after any type of collision. Individuals may consider a legal representative unnecessary when injuries and damages are minor. There are those who believe there is no reason for a lawyer, and others who may not know that after a car crash they are entitled to a lawyer. However, when any type of collision occurs it is important to contact a professional for assistance, such as the team at Cunnane Law. Accidents are traumatic and unexpected, causing a situation that involves time, money and energy to deal with. To...[ Read More ]
Whiplash is a serious problem for car crash victims. Cunnane Law can help.
It can be downright maddening when someone intentionally leaves the scene of an accident to avoid facing the consequences. However, all is not lost if you have been in a hit and run accident. Cunnane Law in Edmonds, WA can help you recover costs related to your property damage as well as your physical injuries. Criminal Penalties for Hit and Run Accidents The three levels of penalties in the State of Washington for hit and run accidents are misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony. If the car was parked or unattended at the time of a hit and run accident, Washington...[ Read More ]
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