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Do what you can to stay safe from car accidents and lessen the risks of driving.
Car accidents in Edmonds, Washington happen all the time, and they can leave drivers and passengers with serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries. While other drivers' carelessness is frequently to blame, there are steps you should take to lessen your risks. Cunnane Law recommends the following New Year's resolutions for 2022 that will assist you and your passengers stay safe. Reducing Your Odds of Car Accident Injuries in Edmonds Even a relatively minor collision can result in medical bills in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, while a more serious collision might result in permanent disabilities. Make it a point to follow...[ Read More ]
Don’t let anything ruin your holiday season! Watch out for these weird holiday injuries.
It's not only about decorating the halls, trimming the tree, and exchanging gifts during the Christmas season. It's also a time when, no matter how much joy is spread, serious injuries can still occur. The weirdness of the causes of these vacation injuries is what jumps out the most. While these injuries may not be as dramatic as Santa being injured while falling down the chimney or elves filing workers' compensation claims after being injured while constructing toys, some of the real-life incidents that have been reported are equally as bizarre. Christmas Lights: Cheerful, Bright, and... Dangerous? Hundreds of individuals...[ Read More ]
We wish all of you in Edmonds, Seattle, and beyond a Happy Thanksgiving.
At this time of year, you may have a lot to be thankful for. Even if you have suffered a severe loss or other hardship this year, you can find comfort in giving thanks for what you do have and what you can expect in the following year. Cunnane Law of Edmonds’ personal injury lawyers would like to wish you a happy and safe Thanksgiving holiday and share with you the following list of five things for which we believe we may all be thankful this holiday: 1. Spending Thanksgiving with family and friends in a safe environment. Many factors...[ Read More ]
It’s cold, it’s wet, it’s Seattle in fall and winter. Stay safe!
Fall and winter are wonderful seasons in Edmonds and the surrounding Seattle area. However, the wet and cold weather can sometimes lead to hazards and potential injuries. To help keep you safe this fall and winter, the personal injury experts at Cunnane Law want to share some helpful tips. Be Prepared for Snow Yes, it does snow in Seattle! While the snow is unlikely to linger around for long, it does make the roadways much more dangerous. That’s why the Washington State Department of Transportation urges everyone to prepare ahead of time by packing your car with everything you’ll need...[ Read More ]
Don’t be scared. We’re here to help you win your personal injury case.
It’s scary and distressing when you or a loved one gets injured in an accident. Your focus needs to be on yourself or a loved one’s recovery from injuries. You need to allow Cunnane Law’s personal injury lawyers in Edmonds make that situation less scary and difficult. What’s So Scary About a Personal Injury Case? The majority of organizations and individuals are covered by insurance against bodily injury claims. Insurance companies have a lot of expertise investigating claims against their policyholders and a lot of resources at their disposal to use against you. They frequently try to exploit accident victims who...[ Read More ]
You need to understand everything in your long-term disability policy. Cunnane Law can help.
In our last blog we listed long-term disability definitions from A – L. Here are some more definitions to help you understand the terminology used by insurers in your long-term disability policy. M Material Duty (or Duties) – Material duties are defined as the set of tasks or abilities required for your particular occupation. These are duties that cannot be omitted or changed without jeopardizing your ability to perform your job. Small differences in material duties can have a significant impact on whether you qualify for disability benefits. Maximum Capacity – The full utilization of the employee's abilities in any occupation that...[ Read More ]
Can’t understand your long-term disability policy? Here are some helpful definitions.
If you have a disability claim, you're already at a disadvantage attempting to decipher 90% of the material you're now required to read, comprehend, and answer to. A glossary is required to make sense of the provisions of your long-term disability policy. This list of definitions of disability insurance terms will assist you. A Active Full-Time Employee – A full-time employee who works a regular workweek for a company is known as an active full-time employee. Active Work Requirement – To be eligible for disability benefits, you must be working at least the minimum number of hours per week as described in your...[ Read More ]
Our clients can relax knowing that the attorneys at Cunnane Law are in charge of their disability claim.
You may hear a lot of contradictory opinions as to whether you need a lawyer as you prepare to file a disability insurance claim. While you may be tempted to put off engaging an attorney, it is usually to your best advantage to speak with one before filing a disability claim, rather than afterward. You can make or break your disability claim based on your administrative record. The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), governs your claim if you file for employer-sponsored disability benefits. You have a limited amount of time under ERISA to submit supporting evidence for your...[ Read More ]
For too many, COVID turns into Long COVID. It’s a new condition, but you may qualify for long-term disability insurance benefits.
Though we have discovered so much about COVID-19, including how it spreads, how to combat it, and who is most at risk, we are only now beginning to comprehend the virus’s long-term effects on our bodies. Roughly 30% of coronavirus patients suffer from long-term COVID or post-COVID symptoms. If this is you, you may be eligible for long-term disability insurance benefits. COVID-19 has the potential to cause permanent damage and disability Most people with COVID-19 begin to feel better within a few weeks, but this life-threatening virus has a profound influence on the human body that we are only now...[ Read More ]
Insurance companies don’t move quickly, but with expert legal help, you have a better chance of getting your claim settled on time and in your favor.
Filing your disability claim can be both a daunting and overwhelming process and once you have submitted your long-term disability claim application, waiting for disability approval or denial may seem like it takes forever. Fortunately Cunnane Law in Edmonds WA may be able to assist you. Here are some things that you can do to help speed up the approval process. Be Proactive When Supplying All Your Medical Records Because you are disabled due to injury or illness, the insurance company want to review your medical records. The more issues you have, the more records they will want to look...[ Read More ]
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